” Campaign to close vaccination centers supported by police. Charges of gross negligence manslaughter and misconduct in public office were brought against Dr. June Raine, physician and head of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and Charlie Massey, head and registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC) “

The crimes cited are:

  • misfeasance in public office

  • misconduct in public office

  • conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm

  • conspiracy to administer a poisonous and harmful substance to cause severe injury and death

  • gross negligence manslaughter

  • corporate manslaughter

  • corruption

  • fraud

  • blackmail

  • murder

  • conspiracy to commit murder

  • terrorism

  • genocide

  • torture

  • crimes against humanity

  • false imprisonment

  • multiple breaches of our human rights

  • war crimes

  • multiple violations of The Nuremberg Code 1947

  • multiple violations of The Human Rights Act 1998

  • (Treason will also be added).

Read More and Source: https://www.riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/modern-day-censorship/world-premiere-covid-vaccination-under-criminal-investigation-in-england/

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