August 17, 2021: Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Chief Scientist and VP at Pfizer) provided his latest warning regarding the dangers associated with the mRNA vaccine.

Video Highlights & Dr. Yeadon’s comments:

– the government has been lying to the public from the start of the pandemic

– Dr. Yeadon confirmed his role in advanced vaccine development over the years (he is not “anti-vaxx”)

– Dr. Yeadon supports the use of vaccines only when efficacy / safety can be proven

mRNA vaccine technology has never been used on any scale on human beings prior to this pandemic

– two major problems were cited: (1) these vaccines use highly bio-active and biologically toxic spike proteins and (2) these vaccines produce a huge range of possible outcomes because they consist of ‘multiple steps’ that cannot be controlled and measured

– it generally takes many years to refine and confirm the safety of new vaccine technology

– we have seen a complete failure of the regulatory process in science and medicine

– a complete absence of pharmacodynamics (study of vaccine on a living organism) and pharmacokinetics (rate of vaccine absorption)

– an experimental vaccine should never be used on pregnant women and young children

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was unnecessary given the Covid virus is the most treatable respiratory viral illness ever (the suggestion that this virus was not treatable using available prophylactic treatments was an absolute lie)

Complete Informed Consent is a medical worldwide standard that must be honored (full information available, no coercion applied, and a freedom to decline vaccination without penalties)

– serious adverse short- and long-term adverse reactions were briefly covered by Dr. Yeadon

vaccination death rate is running at 60x the normal rate we would expect with the roll-out of a new efficacious vaccine

1 thought on “Dr. Michael Yeadon: Former Pfizer VP & Chief Scientist issues his latest update on mRNA vaccines with Video

    I am very glad that important scientists and doctors like him are speaking out and saying the truth. Sadly many want to keep the quiet and silence them from all the main and most watched/read and heard media.
    Keep going, don’t give up and thanks for your honesty.
    Wishing that more come out and tell the truth to the world and open the eyes of the ones that don’t want to see!

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